the journey into ultimate living


Welcome to the world of ultimate luxury, where you have choices to do anything that inspires you and be an ultimate human being. At Serena AS we are inviting our customers to experience luxury without sacrificing core values, being true to yourself and being responsible to the environment.

Serena AS is a luxury leather bag company born in Norway that offer premium quality handbags with practical compartments to fit your day to day extraordinary life. With stylish and durable finish we created bags that you can have with you all day long casual, smart or even glamorous.

As a Scandinavian company the environment is at heart of our values that we want to share with our clients. We believe that adjustments of our daily habits and consumption of products is the key to smooth transition into modern society that’s why we offer 10%(of the value-OV) cash back on all our products that are at the end of their lifespan and 20% OV voucher to shop another product at Serena Norway, so we can reuse and responsibly recycle the bags.